Terms and conditions.

MyAccessories specialise in retail sales of fashion jewellery.

Privacy Policy.

At MyAccessories.ie we are wholly committed to protecting any information that you supply to us. We do not store or hold any details relating to your Credit Card or any other sensitive information relating to a transaction.

By becoming a member of MyAccessories.ie, subscribing to our newsletter or providing us with your email address you are consenting to allow us to communicate with you information on our website that may be of interest. This communication can be via email, post and text and may include special offers, news etc… Any communication will be strictly related to MyAccessories.ie and not any third parties. We will not pass on any personal information about any of our customers to any third party without prior permission.

To opt out of any communication with us simply send us an email stating this. For security reasons we will perform certain tasks to verify you are the correct person requesting the changes.

You may at any time change any details that you have submitted to us. Simply contact us via email to request any changes or edit in "Your Account" panel.

Create an Account. Registration.

If you are not registered user, please click "Login" button in the upper menu to register and create a new account. Make sure to fill your information in the form as detailed as possible, especially pay attention to your contact email address, by which we are going to follow your placed order successfully. Sign In

If you are registered user, you can click "Login" button with your e-mail address and password, and enter into your account panel. If you forget the password, please click "Forgot your password" and then enter your e-mail address used to register. We will e-mail you your new password. Place an Order

After login, you can browse items among all the fashion accessories on our website. Click "Add to cart" button alongside the item’s photo which you like. If you wish to order more than one each the same item, fill the quantity which you are going to order. Then the item will be added to your shopping cart. Repeat this operation with all your interested items till you have had enough for your order. You can check content of your cart clicking "Cart" button. Check out Orders

When you add enough in your cart, go ahead to check out by clicking the "Cart" button. Then choose the delivery address, select payment method and delivery way. Finally, click on "Confirm Your order" button. We will send you confirmation of the order by e-mail.

Please provide a detailed delivery address including phone number.

Payment Methods.

Our usual payment ways:

  1. PAYPAL - It is the most trusted method of online payments worldwide with over 150 Million accounts ... more info refers to www.paypal.ie
  2. Bank Wire - Standard bank transfer.


We will start packing your items after receipt of payment. Usually we will send your item next working day after receives your payment.

Costs of delivery.

We are sending packages through Anpost. Delivery via courier soon.

Zone 1: Ireland and Northen Ireland

Weight not overStandard PostRegistered PostExpress PostCourier
50g €2.20 €5.25 €5.50 soon
100g €2.20 €5.25 €5.50 -
250g €2.70 €5.75 €7.05 -
500g €3.85 €6.75 €8.35 -
1kg €6.00 €9.50 €10.45 -
1.5kg €7.50 €12.00 €14.10 -
2kg €7.50 €12.00 €14.10 -
2.5kg €8.70 €12.75 €15.10 -
3kg €9.80 €13.75 €16.10 -
3.5kg €11.00 €15.25 €17.10 -
4kg €12.00 €16.25 €18.10 -
4.5kg €13.00 €17.25 €19.10 -
5kg €14.00 €18.25 €20.10 -
Each Additional 1kg (max 20kg) €1.00

Zone 2: Great Britain - Only parcels under 2 kg

Weight not overStandard PostRegistered PostExpress PostCourier
50g €2.70 €7.05 Ireland only soon
100g €2.70 €7.05 - -
250g €3.50 €7.85 - -
500g €4.85 €9.20 - -
1kg €7.50 €11.85 - -
1.5kg €10.75 €15.10 - -
2kg €10.75 €15.10 - -
We do NOT send parcels exceeding 2kg to Great Britain

Zone 3: Europe - Only parcels under 2 kg

Weight not overStandard PostRegistered PostExpress PostCourier
50g €2.70 €7.05 Ireland only soon
100g €2.70 €7.05 - -
250g €3.50 €7.85 - -
500g €4.85 €9.20 - -
1kg €7.50 €11.85 - -
1.5kg €10.75 €15.10 - -
2kg €10.75 €15.10 - -
We do NOT send parcels exceeding 2kg to Europe